28 AUG 2019

5 Digital Marketing for SaaS Products

OSaaS is a software product provided to the customer over the Internet. The market for it is valued at around $141 Billion worldwide. Since the Internet is the only medium involved in reaching customers; it is no doubt that marketing SaaS products is tough and requires a strong Digital Marketing Strategy. Here are 5 of them we have zeroed for acing SaaS market:

1. Plan your Revenue Model:

The Revenue Model should always be built on the win-win strategy. This industry has seen 28% growth worldwide since 2015 It should never override Company’s Brand Value over Profitability because it is the customer in the end who is putting his valuable money instead of your service. An ideal revenue model for marketing the SaaS products digitally would be concentrating on acquiring lifetime business value from the customer instead of concentrating on the Cost of Acquiring the Customer.

2. SWOT Analysis

A thorough analysis would include studying competitors’:

  • Digital Media Strategy
  • Web and Social Media Presence
  • Digital Ads- SEO and SEM
  • Backlinks
3. Develop a Campaign:

An effective Campaign to encourage Sign-ups, Conversion and getting the email database of genuine customers, so that appropriate Leads are generated from the Digital Space. A Good campaign will include:

  • Giving a free white Paper
  • Newsletters
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Demos
  • Consultations and many more!
4. Have a Transparent Pricing Model:

Do you know that 35% of the SaaS product end as a Tech wastage? Since Marketing Software is a service you are offering, it's intangible until you make the sale. And to deal with this intangibility, Transparent Pricing Models will not only help you in getting customers but also winning their trust which in turn will increase the brand value of the service. Giving a free trial to the customer for experience can also be a good online strategy to market the product.

5. Effective Customer Engagement:

Once you have sold your product, your task is not yet over. Customers may face many problems which have to be sorted out by you. Marketing a solid and sturdy Customer Engagement and Support System is the best way to retain the customers who in turn bring new ones to you!


So, to conclude in a line: Effective Product coupled with superb after-sales service and transparency is the best way to fuel your Digital Marketing Efforts for your SaaS Products.


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