19 August 2019

5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Mobile Apps

Over 270 billion apps are flooding the internet and they are still counting, According to App Promo- Apps Earning more than $ 50000 is top earner. 59% per cent out of the total app developers are not able to break even.

What is the solution? A proper Digital Marketing Solution with a combination of strategies and objectives is the key.

Top Earners spend more time in Marketing & creating awareness other than building their apps. They hit break-even in Building-Marketing Ratio.

5 Strategies to keep in mind for promoting your app online

1. The primacy of Apps

What is the USP of your app? As your app has to stand out, having an answer to this question can solve a major part of your time and money while designing a digital marketing campaign.

2. Smart ASO

Having a proper App Store Optimization is a must for reaching the mass. Having a winning combination of ASO and SEO will improve your store rankings. AI-based Targeting reads behaviours. Behavioural reading often leads to the right customers.

3. Multilingual Marketing

Language is a way of life for native people. For them, it is not an advertisement, but a piece of information that they want to receive. Native Advertising is crucial when it comes to apps because people relate themselves with it!

4. Video Marketing

Customers are more attracted to videos than text as it gives them an audio-visual experience. A Video is more successful than a text or article where from billions of users who watch videos each day, they are successfully directed to the landing page which leads to an increasing Conversion Rate!

5. Cost per App

As we said earlier, Marketing and creating awareness of app is important and it is necessary to allocate a sizeable chunk of budget to it.


The world has almost shifted from desktop to mobile as a source of search since the advent of data with 4G services at a low cost. The market has apps have expanded since Customers are no longer afraid of trying out an app because of unlimited downloads provided by their ISPs. If the app you provide is of value, it is important to channelize your Digital Marketing efforts in reaching the target audience.


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