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At Quantzi, we are well aware of the importance of UI and its effect on the UX. Needless to say that UI decides the future of the app. Thus, we work rigorously on form and function to provide end users a seamless experience. Our in-house talent pool promises to transform complex UI into simple and usable interfaces for better user engagement.


What We Do

Angular js

Quantzi is one of the best developers in India to use Angular JS for UI development. Our UI is built with keeping key functionality of the app and user experience in the mind. We develop powerful apps using the Angular JS. They have a wonderful functionality and a good user experience. We believe in creating memorable customer experiences.


If budget is your top priority, you can choose Bootstrap. Quantzi has a reliable and experienced team of Bootstrap to address your UI needs. It will add value and quality to the userbase. Bootstrap is a perfect tool to fit your pockets and budget. It is a perfect framework to design according to your needs. We believe in adding a great deal of quality in the lives of users using the Bootstrap.


This is also one of the popular frameworks. It is used by the Quantzi designers to create an evergreen user experience. jQuery is the ultimate choice of all programmers who are looking for that one solution. jQuery is the most sought after framework. It helps the programmer in creating a memorable user interface.

React js

Masterminded by Facebook, this Javascript is the most trending and coolest language for UI development. It is used by the biggest brands in the world. Quantzi specializes in React JS and delivers the goods just the way you desire it. This open source framework is used popularly all over the world. Most of clients prefer to use React JS to develop a superior User Interface. This is one of our big achievements in the field of programming.

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Exciting and challenging projects are driving us, but also a lively exchange of experience & interests is close to our hearts. If you are looking for an agency with which you want to grow together, then we are the right partner.

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