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Decoding your needs and coding them to perfectionism.

We go all the way through to developing, designing and nurturing the brands and make a lasting impact in the minds of the customers.

Provide Technologically, Aesthetically & Expressively Rich Solutions.

Our mission is to provide superior brand performance and visibility. We are performance driven, create lasting impressions.

All our clients for all their solutions

Our goal would inspire our thoughts to bring a stop for all our clients for all their solutions. We aspire to act as digital agency with all branches of services.

We are Quantzi Infotech- a Robust Bunch of Brilliant Left-brained Coders, Dedicated Right Brained Designers and Diligent Grey Mattered Marketeers from the heart of Chennai. We have a knack of collecting the dots technically and kludge it creatively to create a massive impressive output and put the same into the market to create a lasting brand presence.

We render high-quality services ranging from Web Development, Applications Development, UI UX design to Graphic Designing, Videography & Digital Marketing at an Optimal rate. To harness our tremendous brain power and colossal potential Trigger our Services.

Our Philosophy

We see design as a way to solve problems, not just as a visual stimulus. Good design opens up new perspectives for a company and provides numerous competitive advantages. As a design agency with many years of experience, we speak design in many dialects. Our design competence is media-independent. In this way, we can always respond to new technical developments and interpret the possibilities of new technologies from the respective design perspective. Our service portfolio is aimed at companies of all sizes who claim to stand out visually. No matter if SME, EPO, start-up or new founder - we will find suitable and inexpensive solutions for each, which are adapted to the respective individual requirements. Here we rely on reduced, modern design as well as on sustainable design concepts and flexible design systems.


Our Team

We are creative all-rounders, nerds, thinkers and troubleshooters with entrepreneurial specifications and a sense for design and usability. We are media professionals and webgurus with many years of experience, sound technical knowledge and a feeling for style and style! We are able to serve other creative disciplines and expertise on a project-related and flexible basis through our network of external partners. Depending on the requirements, we rely on a well-rehearsed team of copywriters, photographers, printers and producers of advertising material. We accompany, organize and realize the entire process from the planning to the finished product.

We should get to know each other!

Exciting and challenging projects are driving us, but also a lively exchange of experience & interests is close to our hearts. If you are looking for an agency with which you want to grow together, then we are the right partner.

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