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Quantzi Infotech Pvt Ltd was approached by a client, an emerging bicycle workshop, with a vision to establish an online platform that revolutionizes bicycle servicing by providing on-demand, doorstep service for customers. They aimed to offer a user-friendly web platform that allows customers to schedule bicycle maintenance and repair services online, specify their location, and have skilled technicians visit their doorstep. Our team took on the challenge of designing and developing the online bicycle workshop platform to meet the client's requirements.

The challenge of project

As the development company working on the project, we encountered several challenges in creating the online bicycle workshop platform:

  • Efficient Technician Management: Another challenge was to develop a robust technician management system. We needed to ensure efficient allocation of technicians based on their availability, expertise, and geographical proximity to the customer's location. Assigning the most suitable technician for each service appointment was crucial to provide optimal service quality.
  • Secure Payment Integration: Implementing a secure and reliable payment system was crucial to facilitate hassle-free transactions and build customer trust. We had to integrate a secure payment gateway that enables customers to make online payments for service charges, ensuring data security and a smooth payment experience.

The result of project

Quantzi’s development efforts resulted in the successful creation of the online bicycle workshop platform which enabled our client to establish a strong online presence, streamline their service offerings, and provide a convenient and efficient solution for bicycle servicing.The ability to offer on-demand, doorstep service differentiated them from traditional bicycle workshops and positioned them as a modern and customer-centric service provider. The platform's user-friendly interface, efficient technician allocation, and secure payment integration contributed to a seamless customer experience and positioned the client for growth in the bicycle servicing industry.